The Center of the Universe?

Study this photo while you say three times the phrase that follows it:

You are where?

“The earth and its people are the focus of the universe!”

If the statement becomes harder to believe the longer you look at the picture, then you have something in common with me.

The more of deep space I see, the more difficult to believe that time is a melodrama in which the Creator has set up everything to focus on what is being acted out on earth.

I am not suggesting we are unimportant, instead that we should not be surprised if there are other planets on which life exists that believes it is as primary to the history of time as we have persuaded ourselves that we are.

What if both we and those on that other planet (or planets) are both wrong and the one of our planets is no more critical to the future of the universe than the other?  Would we have to have both planets explain their religions and then take a vote on which planet’s religions we would use going forward?

What if both planets think the religion of the other one is completely absurd? Perhaps more challenging–what if the other planet has no religion and simply believes the universe is as it appears to be under a microscope and through a telescope?

Each day of scientific development takes us closer to having to answer such questions–unless it turns out all those stars and other planets are really just stage lighting God put up to make our earth experience feel more realistic.

If we get to one of these other planets first, perhaps the theologically-inclined among us will demand, “Take me to your religious leader–or explain why you have none.”

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