BREAKING-vast NHG deposits in Florida!

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PALM BEACH, FLORIDA (Deep State Duo News)–Geologists have made what could be one of world’s largest natural human gas (NHG) discoveries in decades in southern Florida, far surpassing recently drilled deposits in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. The Donald NHG Reserve is located near the Mar-A-Lago Resort.

“This is an absolutely enormous find,” said Sean Quickly, head of alternative energy exploration at Red State Tech. “Absolutely huge – more than 80 trillion cubic feet of human natural gas resources, and all of it near or on the surface and easy to capture. And the best thing? It’s almost completely renewable,” he said.

NHG has been known to keen political observers for centuries, with large deposits found widely around the world, from sites dating back to ancient Rome, to 15th century England and Paris around the time of the first French revolution. Deposits of more recently produced NHG have also been registered in Pyongyang, Moscow and midtown Manhattan, underneath the Fox News studio.

“What’s surprising about these newer deposits – those discovered around 2016 and afterward – is not just their volume, but how quickly they’ve accumulated,” Quickly explained. “This recent discovery alone could power a century’s worth of misinformation campaigns, porn-star payoffs and Senate cover-ups. It’s like they’re spawning and growing like a virus.”

NHG is produced through large, concentrated excretions of false, misleading and outright criminal comments and social media posts, and then repeated at geometric rates of multiplicity through memes, talk radio and Sean Hannity. Known in scientific circles as anthropomorphic bovem de faecibus, NHG was previously believed to generally be benign.


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