One Reply to “Letters to Waco Trib Editor (4/29/2020)”

  1. David & David,
    Thank you for your unflappable honesty when it points to the mango messiah. He deserves everything he gets. One reader commented on your reluctance to point out all the good this president has done. He hasn’t done anything commendable. He has made a mockery of democracy, pandered to Putin, and lined the pockets of his ASSociates.
    Back to my appreciation of your column. I think the term “Deep State Duo” should be worn as a badge of honor. After reading ‘On Tyranny’ by Timothy Snyder, your perspective is crucial to this country and Waco for that matter.
    I respect your decision to afford the Trib a little breathing room. We all know that Waco is a conservative community, but I raised two sons here and have yet to leave. I am a proud Independent that would still like to see Kinky Friedman as our governor.
    Onward thru the fog…

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